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Customizable Windscreens

Smith Fence is pleased to install top-of-the-line windscreens along with our various temporary fencing solutions. We’re a local, family-owned, and -operated company, and we’re proud to have been serving customers since 1977.

Offering Wind Control, Privacy, and Professionalism

If you’re planning to have temporary fencing installed at a construction site or for a special event, you should strongly consider adding a windscreen (also referred to as a “privacy screen” or “vision block”).

Wind control

True to their name, windscreens help to minimize wind gusts that would otherwise blow through fencing. This makes them invaluable for sporting events, like baseball games and tennis tournaments, where the wind could affect gameplay. Windscreens are also great for preventing dust and debris from blowing through a fence.

A neutral background

Installing a windscreen at a sporting event provides a neutral background that won’t distract players from the game. Windscreens also help players see the ball more easily, minimize outside noise, provide shade, and reduce glare.


Windscreens prevent passersby from seeing what’s on the other side of a fence, making them a smart choice for construction sites where expensive equipment and materials are stored. Or, if you’re hosting a concert or another performance, a windscreen can keep attendees from seeing into restricted areas.


If you’re concerned about the public viewing construction that’s still in progress, a windscreen creates a more professional and streamlined appearance . We can even customize your windscreen with your company logo or contact information.

Business owners can use temporary construction-style windscreens as barriers to shield their assets and make them safe.

Why Buy From Us?

Here are a few compelling reasons that will make you choose our windscreens.

Strength And Durability

Installing windscreens requires a bit of a different approach to other fencing solutions. For example, you have to understand the wind load (amount of load wind exerts on your fence) and choose the perfect material for your property. We use polypropylene or polyethylene on our products to make them abrasion-resistant.

We Allow You To Customize Your Product

Our windscreens offer more than just protection and view-blocking. We help you add a finishing touch and appeal to your property by providing you with the option to customize your fence with your company logo, and/or other brand assets.

We Walk With You Through Your Project

Our technicians will help you pan, install and maintain the windscreens according to your organization’s priority and procedure.

Features & Benefits

  • Great for Privacy and Dust Control
  • Variety of Colors & Sizes Available
  • Custom Graphic & Logo Screen Provides Affordable and Effective Advertising
  • Easy to Install, Relocate, Maintain and Remove
  • Creates Streamlined Appearance
  • Aids in Reducing Job Site Theft
  • Ideal for Construction & Event Projects


  • Made of High Density and Resilient Polyethylene Material
  • Provides up to 88% Blockage
  • Reinforced w/ Hemmed Edges and Metal Grommets
  • 5’8’’ for 6’ Fence, 7’8’’ for 8’ Fence

What Choices Do You Have With Windscreens?

These fences provide varying levels of privacy from semi-translucent and opaque products. So if you are planning to install one, you can decide how much privacy you want by choosing between the two. The opaque screens come with dense weaves that totally obscure anything outside the perimeter, while the partially transparent screens allow you to enjoy some view.
The semi-opaque options work best in sports facilities, schools, and other areas where you just want to block the wind and have some semi-private sessions. Opaque windscreens are excellent for protecting businesses and construction sites.
You can also choose your windscreens based on design and color options. Standard windscreens come in various colors, including black, blue, green, and white.
Some people also choose to cover select areas instead of blocking the entire property. For example, you can choose whether you want to cover the top section and leave the bottom open, or the other way around.

Are Customizable Windscreens Right For You?

Our team will help you determine the best option to meet your needs.

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