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Security Fencing & Access Control

Secure the perimeter of a high-risk site, such as a nuclear facility or a prison with our wide array of high-security options, such as anti-climb and anti-crash fencing, cable barriers, wedge anchors, barbed wire, razor ribbon, motion sensors, and automated gates.

Galvanized chain link fence fabric.

Custom Solutions For You

Determining the best fencing for you will depend on the purpose you want to fulfill. Most security fencing systems are impenetrable, made of durable material, and of the correct height. At Smith Fence, we have the best security fencing solutions to help you protect your facility under specific circumstances where standard solutions just won’t work.

While security fences should be high, the specific height will depend on various factors, including landscaping on your property, building height, and barriers like waterways and hills.

How to Secure Your Facility

You need to consider three levels when designing your physical security solution; outer perimeter, inner perimeter, and your interior. We recommend that you address at least two out of these three levels for an effective system. Smith Fence will help you design all three to fortify your facility.

Security fencing for high-risk sites.

Our Products

Metal fencing is arguably the best kind of solution where utmost security is paramount. With our modern technology and expertise, we fabricate our security fencing products to suit different needs and purposes.

Our primary metal security fencing products are:
Wire mesh fencing.
Wire mesh fencing
Steel palisade fencing.
Steel palisade fencing
Bow top railings.
Bow top railings
Aluminum fencing.
Aluminum fencing
Chain link fencing.
Chain link fencing

We can customize these to meet your individual needs. For example, if you are installing a security fence in a building where visual appeal is essential, we will account for the aesthetics without sacrificing your security. We can even convert any of the above to ornamental fencing.

Smith Fence also carries a wide array of high-security options, such as anti-climb and anti-crash fencing, cable barriers, wedge anchors, barbed wire, razor ribbon, motion sensors, and non-lethal electric fencing. We can even install automated gates.

Metal security fencing for high-risk sites.

How We Do It

We first help you assess your security risks and advise you on the fencing you need. Once we settle on a particular solution, we will give you a quote explaining the process and what you can expect. We will then commence work on the project and work to complete it within the agreed time.

Why Work with Us?

We want to provide our customers with fencing that will perform as promised, so we make it a point to use only the highest-quality materials. We understand how important it is to complete installations on time, and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that your project remains on schedule. As a family-owned and -operated company, we strive to offer our customers the best possible service.

Skilled workforce for quality work.

Quality and Durability

A security fence must withstand any forces and keep potential intruders out of a high-risk facility. With this in mind, we use the latest technology to fabricate the highest quality materials for top-level fences. Our fences will serve you for years before you can replace them.

Work with A Dedicated Team

We ensure that we complete projects in time, even if it means working for long hours. We have a diligent team that ensures you have your fence in place within the shortest possible time.

Design A Security Fencing And Access Control System That’s Perfect For Your Needs

You can feel confident partnering with Smith Fence for security fencing and access control systems.