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Top-of-the-Line Industrial & Commercial Fencing

If you need fencing for a construction site, hospital, or any other commercial setting, turn to Smith Fence. We offer a wide selection of industrial and commercial fencing options. We’ll do whatever we can to make the fencing design and installation process as easy and convenient as possible so that you can focus on day-to-day operations.

Quality industrial fencing.

Our Commercial and Industrial Fencing Options

At Smith Fence, we know that different businesses have different needs. That’s why we offer a wide array of industrial and commercial fencing options, such as:

  • Chain link fencing, including galvanized and vinyl-coated options
  • Ornamental fencing, including steel and aluminum varieties
  • PVC vinyl fencing
  • Wood fencing
  • Specialty fencing, including caging, Greenscreen®, grille, historic preservation fencing, louver fencing, netting, perforated fencing, pipe rail, welded wire fencing, and architectural grilles and screens
Commercial fencing services.

Quality Matters

In recent years we have seen improved security and stricter legislation put in place. The move is instrumental in curbing theft and security issues. However, this does not provide a maximum guarantee of protection.

The black market business is booming with stolen items like lead and copper, and other priced supplies, making everyone vulnerable. It is still vitally important for companies to protect their buildings, machinery, and other vulnerable assets with proper industrial fencing solutions.

You can install a CCTV system to monitor and survey your premises. But your building is still an easy target without sufficient perimeter protection. For consistent 100% fencing protection, look no further than Smith Fence.

Which Type Of Fencing Is Right For You?

Whatever you install here will vary depending on several factors like your type of business, geographical situation, and level of security you need. Our specialists will first visit the site, inspect the condition and advise you on the best solution for your case.

Security fencing.
Chain link fences.

Why work with us?

Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should work with us.

Best Quality and Durability

We only use the highest-grade technology and materials for industrial and commercial fence projects. Our fencing and fabrication methods provide unique solutions to instill quality control in every phase of our construction work. That way, we give you quality and durable fencing solutions that will protect your premises for eternity.

Massive Industry Experience

We understand the effort it takes to establish and maintain a business. And, we have been in this business since 1977, so we know what works where and how. Our work over the years speaks for itself, making us one of the best tried-and-tested companies in the region. We guarantee only the best solutions for our client base.

Best Customer Experience

At Smith Fence, we put our clients at the center of everything we do. Whether you call for a consultation, inquiry, or paying for our services, we will handle you with the utmost respect.

Our customer service desk is ever operational and will respond to your call any time of the day. Plus, we work around your schedule to finish your projects on time.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re interested in having industrial or commercial fencing installed, contact Smith Fence to arrange a consultation. We’ll be glad to tell you more about our company and the many fencing options we have available.