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Community Involvement

At Smith Fence, service is our lifestyle. And we bring that to our community. Just as we cherish our customers who make our company’s existence worthwhile, we are always looking for ways to give back to them. And this we achieve by serving the entire community, helping the needy, and organizing charity events as best we can.

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Serving Our Community

We frequently give out school supplies to support academic centers with insufficient infrastructure and provide the less privileged kids with the basic items they need to have an optimal education. Whatever way we find to give back to our community, we never hesitate to do so. That’s how passionate Smith Fence is about impacting the lives of those around us.

From Fences To Community Service

We dedicate some of our profits to community service. We depend on you, our customers, for our business to exist because we do not build fences for ourselves. And we deem it appropriate to give back to you and the entire Clearwater area.

And just as we’re passionate about making our community a better place, we’re just as committed to serving our customers, ensuring they get the best experience through our service. We go over and beyond to build fences our customers will be proud of.

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We Give Back!

Every team member at Smith Fence is devoted to you and our community at large. Whether it’s to give you exceptional fencing services at a low cost or to donate little tokens to charity, we do all of that with a genuine smile on our faces. 

And you can be happy knowing your business with us is indirectly going towards building a better and happier community.

Why We Do It

Our community engagement is part of our corporate social responsibility to give back to our environment just as it gives to us. We always strive to be responsible professionals, ensuring we meet the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.


To ensure our efforts to the community never violates the law or any laid down guidelines, our company will:

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Protecting the Environment

Our company acknowledges the need to employ eco-friendly practices in our bid to avoid destroying the planet. By keeping our environment clean and unpolluted, we offer a little service to all.

But we also take this approach to our fencing projects. We always ensure that:

Our Acts of Proactiveness

We’re continually striving to be a force for good in our community and environment.