Having a professional handle your fence installation is a no-brainer for many homeowners in Tampa, Florida. Even in a relatively flat area like ours, getting your property line perfectly level before putting in a fence can be a challenge. Fences can be installed on an angle, but the process of stepping wood fencing or otherwise inclining the fence can be a hassle. Then there’s questions about how to handle trees, old fencing that you want to keep in place, and other possible obstacles. You can save yourself some time and effort – and have a sturdier, more beautiful fence – if you find reliable professionals to complete your fence installation for you. What should you look for in your fence installation crew? Be sure to consider all the following factors:

  • Experience – How long has a given company been in the business? How many fences has their crew completed? Does every installer have field experience?
  • Product selection – What types of fencing options do they offer? Does their selection suit your needs and budget?
  • Adaptability – Does the company have the ability to work around your schedule? Can they adjust to meet the needs of your family and your property?
  • Customer service – Does your point of contact listen to your needs? Would you feel comfortable coming to them with questions or concerns about your project?

At Smith Fence, we’re proud to offer the best of all these fields. When it comes to fence installation in Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas, there’s no one better to handle your project. Our company dates back to the 1970s, and many of our staff members have been with us for over a decade. Simply put, residential and commercial fencing knowledge is in our blood, as is our undying commitment to customer service. We aren’t happy until you are. For more information about benefits of trusting your fence installation project to Smith Fence, contact us today. We are proud to serve Tampa, FL, residents.