Privacy fences serve a variety of purposes for homeowners. Not only do they prevent onlookers from watching in on family time in the backyard, but they also beautify properties, adding a traditional appearance and defining the property’s space. Privacy fences are important for homeowners who value privacy and curb appeal but finding the right design can be a tough decision. Let’s explore a few viable options.

  • Uneven wooden boards – By staggering the boards high and low, fence builders can create a gorgeous, unique look that is both rustic and natural.
  • Low vinyl fence – Not all privacy fences have to create tall fortresses. Sometimes cost-effective lower vinyl fencing can produce an attractive appearance, while also requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Privacy picket fences – Even though picket fences do not provide full privacy, they do offer a traditional appearance that is sure to upgrade any property. Picket fences still can provide a certain level of privacy, especially if they are installed using longer boards or pieces of vinyl material.

Privacy Fence from Smith Fence

These are just a few privacy fence ideas for your backyard, but there are plenty more out there, and Smith Fence likely has what you’re looking for. We are a trusted, family-owned and -operated fence company that has served the Tampa, FL, area since 1977. In that time, we have built a reputation for delivering the results our customers desire. We’ll do everything we can to help you find a privacy fence design that works best for your home and budget. To learn more about the privacy fence designs we offer to homeowners in Tampa, FL, and throughout the surrounding areas, contact Smith Fence today. One of our friendly representatives will gladly answer your questions and provide suggestions for your project.