If you are searching for perimeter chain link fence for your residential or commercial property in the Tampa, Florida, area, you may be wondering: ‘which type is the best?’ Before understanding which chain link fence option will work best for your property, you need to know what options are out there.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Arguably the most popular type of chain link fence is zinc-coated or galvanized. This fencing option is durable, requires minimal maintenance, and offers an ideal combination of cost-effectiveness and performance. As a result, galvanized chain link fencing is popular for residential or private properties

Aluminum Chain Link Fence

Aluminum chain link fencing can be expected to last up to around 25 years. This option is corrosion- and weather-resistant, lightweight, and has a high tensile strength – meaning it can withstand a high amount of tension compared to other chain link materials. Aluminum chain link fence is popular for school grounds and other commercial properties.

Stainless Steel Chain Link Fence

Stainless steel chain link fence is perhaps the sturdiest and longest lasting fencing option available – but this level of performance comes at a cost. Even though it is expensive compared to aluminum and galvanized chain link fencing, stainless steel is designed to resist breaking and bending, even in harsh conditions, allowing it to maintain its shape over the years. This type of fencing is common for highways, airports, race tracks, and other properties that require durable, lasting performance. Smith Fence proudly offers all of these chain link fencing products for residential and commercial property owners throughout Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas. We provide top-quality fencing products, as well as a positive customer experience and dependable installations unlike any other in the industry. To learn more about our chain link fencing options or our installation services, contact Smith Fence today.