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Race track fences and barriers.

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Race Track Safety Systems In North America & Europe

If you own a race track, one of your primary concerns is likely protecting the safety of both your drivers and your spectators. Smith can assist you with that goal. We’re a premier fencing company and we install top-of-the-line race track safety systems at tracks across North America and Europe.

All Types of Race Track Fencing

At Smith, we’re proud to be a full-service installer of race track fencing. No matter what type of race track fence you require, we can skillfully handle the project. We offer:

SAFER barrier.
SAFER Barrier

When choosing a crash barrier company, it’s important to select a team that works with top-quality products. That won’t be a concern with Smith. We’re pleased to manufacture and install SAFER Barrier, a revolutionary crash barrier system specially designed to withstand high impacts. SAFER (short for “Steel and Foam Energy Reduction”) Barrier incorporates 3/16-inch steel for outstanding durability and foam-block backing for remarkable kinetic energy absorption. In the event of a crash, SAFER Barrier’s foam-block backing will absorb the car’s kinetic energy and prevent it from bouncing back, thereby preventing further damage and lowering the risk of injury.

Crash fencing.
Crash Fencing

We install crash fencing at permanent race tracks and temporary road and street courses. At permanent tracks, we can even handle installing the foundation for a crash fence substructure using concrete pillars, H piles, or modifications to an existing foundation. When we install a temporary race track fence, we’ll also remove the fence and any owner-supplied assets — like concrete barriers, tire pallets, and pedestrian crossover bridges — once the event is over. And, in either case, we can supply a construction response team to repair any damage sustained during the course of a race.

Spectator fencing.
Spectator Fencing

We install spectator fencing in both permanent and temporary configurations. Not only will our spectator fencing keep non-paying individuals from entering your race — it will also help you control crowds and reduce the risk of injuries to paying guests.

Commercial chain link fence.

We’ll Help You Take Any Necessary Race Track Safety Precautions

In the racing industry, safety is paramount. It’s critical that race track owners take any necessary precautions to protect the safety of their drivers and spectators. Fortunately, Smith can help you do just that. We’ve been serving the racing industry since 1985, and we’re pleased to work with race track owners across North America and Europe. When you partner with Smith, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll complete your project on time or even ahead of schedule — that’s what we’ve done with every single track build-out we’ve performed over the past 30+ years.

Installed SAFER barrier in race tracks.

How Can We Improve Safety at Your Track?

At Smith, we offer a wide array of services designed to improve racing safety, both on and off the track. We can install:

Race track catch fencing.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Race Track Wall?

Whether your racetrack is located in Europe or in North America, we come to you and will take care of every detail. When it comes to SAFER Barrier installations, there’s no one better than Smith. We founded our fencing company in 1977, then began working with the racing industry in 1985. Since then, we’ve completed all of our track build-outs on time, even in spite of severe weather conditions and other obstacles.