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Crash Fencing

If you’re looking to install crash fencing at a permanent track or a temporary course, Smith is the company to choose for the job. We’ve been working with the racing industry since 1985, and our project managers, superintendents, and crews all have extensive track experience.

Race track events and its safety.

Protecting The Safety Of Drivers & Spectators

The design of crash fences prevents vehicles from leaving the course and hitting fixed objects or features that could become hazardous to spectators. They may also contain safety signs and warnings to communicate to drivers on potential threats like sharp corners lying ahead.

In the racing industry, safety is paramount. It’s critical that race track owners take any necessary precautions to protect the safety of their drivers and spectators.

Crash Fence for a Permanent Track

At Smith, we have extensive experience installing crash fencing at permanent race tracks. During a permanent crash fence installation, we will:

  • Collaborate with architects, designers, and engineers

  • Install the foundation for a crash fence substructure

  • Fabricate and install steel components, cabling, mesh, pedestrian gates, ARMCO gates, starter stands, and more

If your permanent track already features a crash fence, we can also modify it to meet current safety demands. This might involve extending the wheel fence height, adding cable, or installing new gates for vehicles and pedestrians.

High-quality motorsport fencing.
Race track safety systems.

Crash Fence for a Temporary Road or Street Course

We have a great deal of experience completing crash fence installations at temporary road and street courses. Our temporary crash fencing services include:

  • Collaborating with city officials, engineers, and the traffic department

  • Fabricating and installing the crash fence and all related components

  • Transporting and installing any related owner-supplied assets, such as tire pallets, concrete barriers, and pedestrian crossover bridges

  • Installing spectator fencing and perimeter security fencing

  • Removing the crash fence and any owner-supplied assets following the event

We offer a number of services specific to temporary crash fencing installations and can provide an emergency construction response team tasked with repairing any damage sustained throughout the course of a race.

Comprehensive Service

You can feel confident choosing Smith for a permanent crash fence installation. Our experienced team will handle every step of the project with skill and professionalism. We can install the foundation for a crash fence substructure, whether that involves concrete pillars, H piles, or even modifications to an existing foundation. We can also fabricate and install:

  • All of the steel components needed for crash fencing at a permanent track

  • All of the cabling, mesh, and component parts required for a complete safety system

  • Crash-rated pedestrian gates and ARMCO gates

  • Starter stands

High-quality motorsport fencing.

Why Work With Us?

Over the last three decades, we have provided superior service to all of our clients.

Quick Turnaround Times

At Smith, we understand how important it is to complete crash fencing installations on time. We have a 100% success rate for installing tracks and completing teardowns either on time or ahead of schedule.

With cooperation from the city, a two-mile street course typically takes about three weeks to construct. And, although it usually takes about eight days to disassemble the same track, the city will again be operational the morning after the event.

We Put Customer First

Client satisfaction is our priority, and that is why client referrals and repeat customers have been significant building blocks for our company’s growth since its inception. We strive to give the best service and provide the best product.